The intelligent and flexible e-solution powering the liquidity management and sales force

Multiple Perspectives

Our holistic approach and unique strategy enables us to better optimise each customers requirements individually and dynamically


Forward thinking and evolving in an ever changing market place


Richmond Liquidity Management (RLM) is a global next generation Foreign Exchange liquidity hub providing Global Investors, Financial Institutions & Corporate Customers with transparent, market leading pricing from the leading Bank, Non-Bank & Regional Bank FX Market Makers.

RLM operates a pure “Matched Principal” business and assumes no market risk. We are simply the conduit to all your pricing and liquidity needs.

  • Tailored bespoke competitive pricing with anonymous trade execution
  • Bank, Non-Bank, ECN & Regional Bank Liquidity
  • Liquidity Management Driven
  • All G10 currency pairs: JPY, GBP, CAD, NOK, SEK, AUD, EUR, NZD, CHF, USD
  • Specific focus on: USD/CNH, USD/ZAR, USD/ILS, USD/MXN, USD/TRY, EUR/TRY
  • Boutique pricing on Scandinavian Currency Pairs:  EUR/SEK, USD/SEK, EUR/NOK, USD/NOK, NOK/SEK, SEK/JPY, NOK/JPY

Our partnership with the industry leader in the provision of FX “Matched Principal” aggregation technology gives a fantastic competitive advantage

  • Fully distributed matching engine whereby RLM runs on our own dedicated server with no single point of failure
  • Customized proprietary network built for speed and reliability
  • Co-located infrastructure in London, New York and soon to be Tokyo, allows rapid on boarding of both clients and liquidity providers


RLM cater for a wide variety of customer profiles from within the professional FX arena providing bespoke tailored solutions for all Spot FX pricing and liquidity requirements. Our technology partnership with Lucera enables us distribute our pricing seamlessly all over the world from the main FX regionalised data centres. We service industry leaders including Banks, Hedge Funds, Brokerages, Institutional Investors and Proprietary Trading Firms who have a specific demand for sustainable Spot FX liquidity.




All order matching is conducted within Equinix data centres. Customers can choose to connect RLM via Lucera in London LD4 or New York NY4 data centres. We predict we will be fully operational in Tokyo TY3 in mid 2019.

Price Discovery

RLM source pricing from multiple venues from across the globe. We have deep founded relationships with the worlds major Bank and Non Bank Market Makers along with the leading ECN and FX Brokerage platforms. This enables us to tailor our pricing to each individual customers specific needs and requirements. We are co-located with all our price providers and combine industry leading technology to distribute seamless pricing with a low latency solution


LUMEFX …at the cutting edge of trading technology

Our technology partnership with Lucera gives us a fantastic competitive advantage: Lucera® LumeFX™ uses a new paradigm for matching engine and SOR, built on Lucera technology, creating a performant and reliable platform. RLM runs in its own instance removing any single point of failure, while allowing easy management and expansion

API normalization to 140+ banks, non-banks, ECNs

Customized proprietary network built for speed and reliability

Co-located infrastructure in the main FX data centres gives RLM a truly global reach. Lucera presence in NY4, LD4, TY3 and CH2 allows rapid on boarding of both clients and liquidity providers no matter where they are in the world

High performance FIX engine supporting all FIX versions

Support Binary and ITCH API on both taking and making

Trading Hours

Normal RLM Trading Hours

Trading hours are in U.S Eastern Time

  • Open Sunday 5 PM
  • Close Friday 5 PM
  • Please note that we re-set and re-start our platform each day between 5 PM and 5.30 PM

Management Team

Highly experienced individuals with distinct and relevant complimentary skill sets, the RLM Management team have over 75 years combined experience in the FX market.  

Ian Williams

Ian Williams

CEO & Founder

Thirty-five years’ experience in Foreign Exchange covering trading & sales, risk management, project management, business implementation & development and executive level decision making. Formerly CEO of the Retail Broker ODL Japan, and Chairman of FXCM Japan Securities, Ian has vast experience in designing, building and implementing the “Riskless Principal” FX business model. Other positions include Head of Agency Trading and Liquidity Management at BNP Paribas and Head of Interbank Sales at RBS Tokyo.

Chris Havener

Chris Havener

Director & President of RLM Americas

Thirty Years experience in the Financial Markets across products. Formerly CEO and Founder of Royal Oak Capital, Chris utilised his extensive Corporate network to establish a successful FX Corporate Advisory and execution FX business. Chris brings a wealth of experience to RLM with the aim to diversify the business into the Corporate and Corporate Advisory space.


        Richmond Liquidity Management Limited is a registered company in England and Wales, registration number 10794102

        +44 (0) 208 622 3605

        Regal House, 70 London Rd, Twickenham TW1 3QS